Code of Conduct

Good Corporate Governance

  • Commit the business operation with the good operating results that can create the profitability to the consistent growth and sustainable, the competency in competition, and the long-time increasing value for the shareholders.
  • Perform the duty with integrity and equity to all shareholders for overall utmost benefits.
  • Manage and manipulate the knowledge and management skills to fully apply for all cases including the decision to take any action with transparent and caution.
  • Report the turnover, position, and financial statement of the corporate group to shareholders with equity, consistent, and accurate.
  • No seeking for the personal interests and other person by using the company information which undisclosed to the public or do anything may cause a conflict of interests.
  • Create the satisfaction and confidence to the customer to receive the good products and services with decent price and quantity and to raise the higher level with consistent and earnestness.
  • Disclose the sufficient, precise, and up to dated information concerning the products and services without any distortion including maintaining the good and lasting relationship.
  • Delivery products within the agreed time and warranty the products and services within the proper time.
  • Provide the complaints center for the customer and general public regarding the products and services with quickly response to the customer and general public.
  • Set the fair commercial condition to the customer.
  • Keep confidential information of customer and not allow to utilize for own benefits or others as illegally.

Relations with Business Partners

  • Will not ask for, accept, or give any unlawful benefits from or to the business partners.
  • Strictly comply with the terms and conditions agreed upon by the business partners.
  • Take immediate actions to notify the business partners in case of failure to comply by using the reasonable principle.

Relations with Competitors

  • Comply with the rule of fair completion.
  • Do not defame or slander against the competitors’ reputation without any truthful proof.
  • Adhere the honestly to comply with the conditions which provide to the creditors under such conditions including relevant laws and regulations.
  • Report the complete and accurate financial status of corporate group to the creditors.
  • Notify the creditors in advance should the corporate group fail to comply with the conditions under the contract in order to acquire solutions.
  • Offer fair remunerations to the employees in form of salary, incentive and/or bonus payment.
  • Provide a good circumstance for their working, including safety in their life and belongings always.
  • In considering to promote and remove position of all employees, including reward proposal and punishment, the Company shall make a decision with equity and honest in regarding to knowledge, competency and suitability of employees as criteria.
  • Give priorities to development of employee's capabilities and knowledge sharing, and thoroughly and regularly provide employees with opportunities for the development.
  • Impartially and equally open to feedback and suggestions by all employees.
  • Comply with laws and other regulations in regarding employees strictly.
  • Manage the business and avoid all acts of unfairness which may affect the stability of duty and work of all employees.
  • Treat the employees with politeness and respect for the individuality and human's dignity.
  • Provide communication channels for the employees to report abuses or unlawful acts.
  • Consider the alternative for using the interest from natural resources that the Company attempts to run its business reducing any affects that may cause to social, environment and the quality of people.
  • Support to provide the campaigns and activities which have benefit to social and environment in kind of education, sport, religion, and others.
  • Continually create consciousness among employees for corporate social responsibility and environment.
  • Give priorities to business partners who share the same will with the Company about the social and environmental responsibility.
  • Adhere to efficient energy saving practices for the future of the later generations as part of the core policies of the Company.
  • Comply and coordinate or control as strictly to the purposes of law and regulation that mandated by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Lead an important in community and social activities, it is necessary to enhance a social development by focusing on society, community, environment, creative thinking, and natural preservation. Moreover, to support on youth education and less-opportunity in social benefits are too essential to develop for strengthen and self-dependency.