Good Corporate Governance


The Company has policies and practices concerning the non-infringement of Intellectual Property such as Copyright, Patent, Trademark that the Company has set forth such policies and practices as follows;

  1. The Company shall raise awareness to directors, executives, and all employees to honor and respect the Intellectual Property right of others. The Company also asks for legally permission from a person who is ownership of Intellectual Property prior to use.
  2. All parties of the Company are prohibited to infringe any Intellectual Property rights of others whether a violation of the Copyright, Patent, Trademarks, and so on.
  3. The Company does not promote to use any works which infringe the Intellectual Property of others.
  4. The Company promotes and supports all our employees to create new works which relate to our products and do not copy the Intellectual Property works of others.
  5. The Company agrees to keep the customer’s confidential information and all information from the customer and the stakeholders of the Company except for the permission from the information owner. The Company must also be extremely careful to ensure the confidential information of the customer and/or stakeholder does not know to the third party.
  6. The Company has set the regulations in the use of computers and the Internet within the Company in line with Computer Related Crime Act that the Company shall strictly comply with such matters.