Corporate Governance Committee's Charter



Scope of Duties and Responsibilities of the Corporate Governance Committee

  1. Determine the scope and policy of corporate governance in a manner consistent with international best practice and propose to the Board of Directors for approval.
  2. Propose guidelines on corporate governance to the Board of Directors as well as provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters of corporate governance.
  3. Provide recommendations on requirements related to business ethics, good practices for directors, executives and employees as well as overseeing the principles of good corporate governance and sustainable development effective in practice to be continuity and suitable for business.
  4. Provide advice, encourage and support the Company's operations in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance code of conduct and other policies related to the good corporate governance of the Company completely and efficiently.
  5. Encourage and support the Company to communicate with Directors, executives, employees at all levels and related parties in aware of and understand the policies and guidelines regarding good corporate governance principles code of conduct social responsibility and other policies related to the company as well as supervise the implementation of such policies and guidelines.
  6. Consider reviewing the policies and guidelines on corporate governance for continuous efficiency and effectiveness as well as to ensure that information is disclosed in the form of a report as appropriate.