Natural Rubber Overview

Natural Rubber


Natural Rubber Overview

Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Company Limited (“STA”) is the world’s leading fully integrated natural rubber company with a market share of 8% of global consumption. STA offers a full range of Natural Rubber Products, including Technically Specified Rubber (TSR), Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS) and Concentrated Latex, with a total production capacity of 2.81 million tons per annum.


TSR (Technically Specified Rubber) or commonly known as block rubber in Thailand can be divided into three main standard types, STR10, STR20 and STR Compound. They are chiefly used in the production of tires.

TSR are graded according to a variety of factors, including dirt content, ash content, volatile matter, color and viscosity or portion of chemical contents such as carbon black, steric acid, etc.

Each major producing country establishes its own TSR standard with regard to the international ISO standard, with STR (Standard Thai Rubber) being the symbol used in Thailand, SIR (Standard Indonesia Rubber),and SMR (Standard Malaysia Rubber) being the symbols used in Indonesia and Malaysia respectively.

In Thailand, STR20, whose properties are inferior to those of STR 10, accounts for the highest export volume of block rubber.

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Ribbed smoked sheets are smoked rubber sheets that have been processed from USS (unsmoked sheets). They are general classified into 5 classes according to purity, elasticity and color. RSS1 denotes the highest quality and those that are of an inferior quality are classified, in descending order, into RSS2, RSS3, RSS4 and RSS5.

Ribbed smoked sheets serve as the raw material in the production of many products, including car tires, conveyor belts, rubber pipes, shoes, and automotive parts.

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Concentrated latex is derived from field latex and has a dry rubber content of approximately 60%. Products are classified depending on the level of ammonia requirement as well as process requests.

Concentrated latex serves as the raw material in the production of numerous products, including gloves, condoms, baby pacifiers, elastic and adhesives.

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