Nomination Committee's Charter



Scope of Duties and Responsibilities of the Nomination Committee

  1. Reviewing and assessing candidates for directorships (including executive directorships) before making recommendations to the Board of Directors of STA for the appointment of Directors.
  2. Reviewing and recommending nominations for appointment, re-appointment or re-election or renewal of appointment of the Directors having regard to the Director’s contribution and performance.
  3. Determining annually whether or not a Director is independent.
  4. Deciding whether or not a Director is able to and has been adequately carrying out his duties as a director.

Certain factors considered by the Nomination Committee in order to carry out their responsibilities above include:

  • independence of mind;
  • capability of the individual and how it meets the needs of the Company and simultaneously complements the skill set of the other Board members;
  • experience and track record as directors in other companies; and
  • ability to commit time and effort toward discharging his responsibilities as a Director.