Whistle Blowing Policy

Good Corporate Governance


Sri Trang Group has committed to conduct auditable business properly, transparency, fairly in compliance with Good Corporate Governances. Sri Trang Group also expects all groups of stakeholder are able to report some events which may conflict with such Good Corporate Governances in order to have the correct next.

Sri Trang Group has issued this Whistleblower Policy from all groups of stakeholder regarding invalid or inappropriate action which may cause the damage to the Company including protective measures for claimer who is in good faith.

The executives or employees or officers including stakeholders of the Company are able to complaint when they encounter, observe or suspect wrong-doing or violations of policies, rules, regulations, laws, good corporate governance, code of business conduct, or any other disciplines of Sri Trang Group that may cause the damage to the Company’s property and reputation. In case that the employees or officers of Company have encountered or observed such wrong-doing or violations, they should consult with their supervisor as the first step. If employees or officers feel uncomfortable in raising any issue directly with their supervisor, they can directly inform the Corporate Secretary through the Whistleblower Policy or directly inform the unit which is responsible for the matter.

To protect the right of appellant(s) with the honest intention, the Company and all relevant persons shall keep all information of the appellant as confidential that there will be no change of job, work location, position, intimidate, work suspension, or any other actions that are unfair treatment to the appellant(s) before the operation under this policy will be completed.

The Whistleblower Policy of Sri Trang Group can be reached through these following channels;

  1. By Letter : either by post or by hand directly

    The Corporate Secretary Office
    Sri trang Agro-industry Public Co.,Ltd.
    17Fl, Park Ventures Ecoplex, Unit 1701, 1707-1712
    57 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

  2. By Telephone number 02-207-4590
  3. By E-mail Address: [email protected]
  4. By directly report to the units responsible for that issue.
  1. Appellant: A Sri Trang Group internal or external person who initiates a hotline case via telephone, facsimile, e-mail, letter or directly report to the units responsible for that issue.
  2. Case Coordinator: the Company Secretary has a duty to receive a reported case and records the initial data including keep the result of case. If there is a direct responsible unit, such responsible unit shall act as the Case Coordinator and shall make a copy of case to be sent to the Corporate Secretary Office for its acknowledgement every time.
  3. Case Owner: The direct supervisor of the person who is complained.
  4. Human Resources: The Human Resources Management Department.
  5. Chief Executive Officer, CEO: The utmost supervisor of Sri Trang Group.
  1. Receiving a complaint and informing the managing progress of the complaint

    Upon receiving a complaint, the case coordinator shall register to receive the complaint by mention the Claimer’s name, date of case report, name of alleged person(s) or incident(s) reported, and any other related information including the estimated date to inform the Claimer for the progress of the complaint that if there are any severe effect the Company’s reputation, the relevant person has to urgently handle the matter. For other cases, the case coordinator shall report the case owner to find out the fact and operate this matter with his authority.

  2. Investigation and action

    If the fact regarding complaint is true that the impact causes the damage to the Company, the case owner should give advice to the relevant person to make good behavior or proper practice next. In case disciplinary offense is to be taken, the Case owner shall coordinate with the Human Resources Management Department to have punishment according to the regulations of the Company and report the result of investigation or action or punishment via the line supervisor and the managing director for his acknowledgement and consideration.

    Should the case owner discover the alleged person who does not have guilty related to the alleged offense, the case owner should submit this case and report to one-level line supervisor to close such case, and then the case owner make a copy of such case and submit it the case coordinator for his acknowledgment.

  3. Informing the result of management and reporting the result of summarized complaint

    In the event that the case coordinator informs the result of management to the appellant’s acknowledgement and records details of management concerning the complaint by summarizing the quarterly report of complaint to be presented 4 to the Audit Committee. The case coordinator shall also summarize the cases in the good Corporate Governance under Sri Trang Group.

  4. Complaint in bad faith

    If the executive or employees of Sri Trang Group submit the complaint or information which are not true, and then the relevant person can verify to be the acts of bad faith, such executive or employees of Sri Trang Group shall be liable to disciplinary action in accordance with the regulations of the Company. In case of the third party that they may make the damages to Sri Trang Group, the Company may be consider to sue this third party against the court.

  5. Failure to comply with this policy

    In the event that the case owner does not comply or ignore this policy, the case owner shall be liable to the disciplinary action.