Engineering Service

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Production technology and machinery are integral to the maintenance of the “Sri Trang” standard. To that end, we have established a subsidiary, Premier System Engineering Co., Ltd. (PSE), that provides a full range of engineering services to Sri Trang Group companies. This way, we can be certain that all our products will always conform to international standards and satisfy our customers.

To support our plan to increase production capacity, PSE has thus far designed and installed machinery for our examination gloves production facilities and rubber processing plants.

The following are some of the services provided by PSE:

  1. 01

    The design, manufacture and installation of industrial machinery and spare parts
  2. 02

    The repair and maintenance of industrial machinery
  3. 03

    IT consulting
  4. 04

    Research anddevelopment (R&D)
  5. 05

    Instrument calibration services, covering volume, temperature, pressure, electrical mass and dimensions
  6. 06

    Other engineering services,including energy consumption measurement,structural analysis, mechanical vibration measurementandlaser alignment
  7. 07

    Mechanicalefficiency consulting
  8. 08

    Environmental and workplace safety consulting, includingheat, lightand noise measurement, electrical system certification and crane use certification