Anti-Corruption Policy

Good Corporate Governance



Sri Trang Group has formulated a policy to conduct business with transparency and fairness and concentrate in the anti-corruption both internal and external in compliance with the rule of law, moral practice and good corporate governance.

Nevertheless, the Company has communicated to provide the right knowledge and understanding in the prevention of corruption by not inquiring receiving or giving money or paying any benefits which is not prudent in business transactions. It also includes building awareness to member of Sri Trang Group and creating the good business conscious, good corporate value or good corporate culture as followings;

  1. Member of Sri Trang Group must comply with the anti-corruption policy by avoiding involving with any course of corruption either direct or indirect manner.
  2. Member of Sri Trang Group shall not be negligent or ignored in any corruption actions involved directly with Sri Trang Group. All member of Sri Trang Group must notify such action to supervisors or relevant department which has the responsibility for acknowledge.
  3. Sri Trang Group shall provide the protection to a person who informs corruption same practice as the Whistleblower Policy.
  4. Sri Trang Group values the importance of dissemination, knowledge sharing and communication with member of Sri Trang Group in anti-corruption policy.
  5. A person who commits the corruption is considered disciplinary offenses and may be punished by laws in case such act violates the laws.

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