Environmental Policy



The company members in Sri Trang, (Public) Company Limited are determined and ready to strive in working with responsible consciousness to our environment, with Environment management System (EMS / ISO14001), through the fixing of objectives, targets and environmental activities plan in the implementation and revision on performance result every year, by slogan :

Conserve environment to heed and preserve Sri Trang will develop and introduce value to our society.

The environmental policy belongs to every employee to perform for their quality of life, customers, society and younger generations. The company members in Sri Trang, (Public) Company Limited shall implement as follow:

Comply with the laws, regulations, all requirements as stipulated by official authorities and related bodies with environment.

To prevent, reduce waste and support recycling policy to alleviate environmental impact to the least.

To improve and develop environmental management system continually and regularly through inspection and follow up.

To stress conservation on resource and energy by using it as necessarily and maximize best benefits.

To educate and train environmental training to employees including the persons working under your organization to urge and build consciousness in order to have awareness and protection, key issues affecting the environment.

To disclose and disseminate environmental policy to the public.