Over the past 25 years that Sri Trang Group has committed to processing and exporting Natural Rubber products, we have dedicated to conduct business with good practices of corporate governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) until becoming a leader in today’s global rubber industry. Toward our third decade of sustainable business operation, we still maintain our global leadership in rubber industry and pursue sustainable business development. Our philosophy is to grow along with the community and society and to be an effective mechanism to constantly strengthen the stability of rubber industry. We value our way to conduct business in parallel with creating activities for communities and societies, maintain our environmentally-friendly production, create a fair trade standard to gain trust and acceptance from rubber farmers and customers, consider the impact on every aspect from business operations to all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and government agencies, as well as create the attitude and organisational culture to make employee participate more in CSR activities.

Policy and guideline practices for CSR of Sri Trang Group, our core mission, lays on the 5 meaning of “GREEN” Natural Rubber

Good Corporate Governance

The company is dedicated to good practices of corporate governance focusing on the structure of the Board of Directors, management, and shareholders to create a competitive advantage which will build growth and increase value of shareholders in the long run. In addition, other stakeholders are also taken into consideration. The company adheres to the principles of good corporate governance 2006 suggested by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and Code of Corporate Governance 2012 suggested by Singapore Stock Exchange. Both principles are appropriately applied to our Group’s business operation in each circumstance.

Responsibility to Supply Chain

Sri Trang Group's core business is to produce primary natural rubber products (Midstream processing). Yet, the Company has extended business line to cover the whole supply chain right start from rubber plantations to the production of finished products. This allows the Company to strictly control the quality of products to respond downstream business who focus on the quality of the product at most. Another main concern of downstream businesses, whether latex examination glove producers or tyre makers, is to ensure the safety for users. Thus, our responsibilities through supply chain management cover;

Rubber farmers and rubber dealers

Our Group is strived for fair, transparent, clear principles, and accountability procurement of natural rubber which is the main raw materials for our production. We also encourage rubber farmers to produce high quality of rubber without contamination and to properly store the rubber so that the quality of raw materials will meet our factory’s standard. Moreover, we support rubber farmers with knowledge to properly operate rubber plantations in order to increase yield which will in turn increase their revenues as well as sustainable quality of life.


Our Group is committed to producing high quality products and provide good services to create the highest satisfaction for the customers. We sincerely handle complaints from customers and promptly improve and correct flaws that might be caused from productions and/or services to create the highest effective and efficient production.

Environmental Friendly and Safety Operation

As our Group's nature of business is directly related to the natural and environment, we strictly adhere to environmental practices by implementing the effective environmental management systems. We also set up measures to prevent and minimize the environmental impacts caused by different activities from our Group to comply with laws and regulations. Furthermore, we aim to develop and promote more green areas within the factories to retain moisture, increase fresh air, and reduce unfavorable odors from production process. In addition, we reduce the use of chemicals in rubber plantation and production of natural rubber products as well as finished products since it might affect the environment and communities in the long run.

Aside from environmental-friendly production and being aware that we are part of community, we stick to practice guidelines to preserve and maintain the ecological and social environment of the surrounding communities which will not only create the livable community but also support companies to smoothly and steadily run the business in the long term.

In terms of health & safety, our Group fully complies with laws, regulations and other related requirements. We provide training, set up adequate and effective health & safety rules and plans in workplace, and create a safe working environment for employees, contractors, and the other related parties.

Engagement with Transparency

Our Group is committed to operating business with fairness, transparency, and accountability in all process. We believe that to operate business with fairness and ethic, comply with laws, and respect the rules of society could build confidence of stakeholders and reduce conflict of interest. This will benefit business operation of the company in the long run. We also encourage every level of our employees to work with integrity and adhere to ethic of business. Employees should not exploit benefits that may cause conflict of interest to the Company and its stakeholders and should not improperly indulge on business operation. We also have a policy against all forms of corruptions to establish standards of transparent business operation which will benefit the organisation and rubber industry in the long run.

Nurture Sustainability Attitudes Towards Organisation

The Company believes that effective and sustainable CSR practices is rooted from the awareness of employees in every level from all departments. They need to have a positive attitude to follow the policies and have responsibility to society and other related parties. Our people also volunteer to participate in the community development and of business partners’ quality of life improvement. Moreover, they cooperate to change their working behavior and daily lifestyle in accordance with environmental conservation guidelines, to reduce energy consumption costs, and to enhance the effectiveness of organisation.

The Company promotes and supports staffs to devote to social activity, for example, to volunteer and participate activities of community, alleviate natural disaster victims, appropriately and continuously support any kinds of shortages in the community, and create a benevolent society and social care for each other to remain forever.

Green Rubber

Move Forward to the Green Rubber Company with over 25 years of our extensive experience and our commitment to sustainably developing natural rubber industry, we have initiated the concept of “The Green Rubber Company”


Green rubber products

We are committed to delivering to our customers the clean products for safety and hygiene of end-users.


Green Factory

We are committed to a sound concept of safe energy, rid of waste and odor to ensure that our production facilities are environmental and community friendly.


Green Supply

We passionately drive the industry towards the clean & clear natural rubber through our fair procurement system with natural rubber farmers and dealers.


Green Company

Is the symbol of our transparency in operation and attitudes towards sustainable natural rubber business development.