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Rubber Land Products Company Limited (Mukdahan Branch) Organizes an Activity to Create Jobs from Bottled Water for Ban Non Sawang Community

On 22 June 2021, a group of volunteer employees from Rubber Land Products Company Limited (Mukdahan branch) visited Ban Non Sawang Community, Bang Sai Yai subdistrict, Muang district of Mukdahan province to organize an activity to create occupations from unused bottled water for people in the community. The volunteers taught the local people how to make broomsticks from the unused bottled water which was part of a recycling process to make good use of plastic trash and leftovers. This activity has provided knowledge to the local people, created jobs, and generated income for the community. Sri Trang Group is happy to see these positive outcomes and the company will continue to arrange the good activity like this for Thai people and local communities to have jobs and sustainable income.