The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of Sri Trang Group (Year 2013)

Policy and guideline practices for CSR of Sri Trang Group, our core mission, lays on the 5 meaning of “GREEN” Natural Rubber

  1. G

    Good Corporate Governance

  2. R

    Responsibility to Supply Chain

  3. E

    Environmental Friendly and Safety Operation

  4. E

    Engagement with Transparency

  5. N

    Nurture Sustainability Attitudes Towards Organisation

Message from the Chairman

Sri Trang Group conducts our operations in accordance with the principles of “the Green Rubber Company.” This means that we operate with transparency and fairness, produce environmentally, friendly, quality products, and strive to make all our manufacturing processes environmentally friendly.

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Environmental Policy

Conserve environment to heed and preserve Sri Trang will develop and introduce value to our society.

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